[WarMoD] Halftime and FullTime Sounds.

Plugin-Module [WarMoD] Halftime and FullTime Sounds. 2020-06-25

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Note : Please Make sure Your Sound Files are -
For MP3
type .mp3 and attributes Layer-3 44100 Hz or Less and , 192 kbps Or Less with stereo.
For WAV -
Any Attribute with 32hz to 44100 Hz.

[WarMoD] Halftime and FullTime Sounds.

This plugin provides facility to play Halftime and Fulltime Sounds on WarMod.
Usefull for Congratulating Winning teams.

Dependencies / Requirements :
Installation :
  • Download HT_FT_Sounds.rar file from this post.
  • Extract the contents of zip file and put it into cstrike/ folder of your server.
  • Configure cfg From cstrike/cfg/sourcemod/sm_warsounds.cfg as Your Needs
Cvars :
Path Of the Sound Played on FullTime.
// Default: "wartools/fulltime.mp3"

Path Of the Sound Played on Half Time.
// Default: "wartools/halftime.mp3"

Credits :
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