1. N

    Solved Level Rank Plugin Load Error : no debug string

    When I Type In My Server !rcon sm plugins load levelsranks.smx Its Giving Error [Vitality™] Plugin levelsranks.smx failed to load: Unable to load plugin (no debug string table). [SM] Plugin levelsranks.smx failed to load: Unable to load plugin (no debug string table). Plugins used ...
  2. kushal

    Solved Need a Way to Supress this cvar update Log

    Hey Just needed some help regarding this peice where I have a callback convar.IntValue which is hooked to g_h_GivenCvar.AddChangeHook The thing is for example when I want to detect when sm_givenCvar changes and to prevent it from going below 2 the server print the Changes as [SM] Server...
  3. kushal

    [ANY] Junk Deleter 1.2.2

    [ANY] JUNK CLEANER This plugin should be fine BUT I am not responsible for any loss of data or damage to your server that this plugin may or may not cause. A pretty simple plugin that does what it says, cleans up old logs, sprays and automatic demo files. It does this every map start...
  4. kushal

    Plugin-Module [WarMoD] Halftime and FullTime Sounds. 2020-06-25

    Note : Please Make sure Your Sound Files are - For MP3 type .mp3 and attributes Layer-3 44100 Hz or Less and , 192 kbps Or Less with stereo. For WAV - Any Attribute with 32hz to 44100 Hz. [WarMoD] Halftime and FullTime Sounds. This plugin provides facility to play Halftime and Fulltime Sounds...
  5. kushal

    Plugin-Module [WarMod] Hint Score Show 1.2beta

    [WarMod] Hint Score Show This plugin provides facility to show scores of WarMod. Dependencies : Sourcemod With Sockets Extensions Game Tech WarMoD ScreenShot : Requirements : Sourcemod v1.8 or Higher GameTech WarMod Twelve-60 Installation : Download file from this post...
  6. kushal

    [CS:S] Server Auto Map Changer 1.1

    [CS:S] Empty Server Auto Map Changer Changes the Server map after given time . Note : Time After Map is Changed is always in Minutes as I have Multiplied the Timer with 60 For example, if the server is empty for more than 10 minutes, it can change the map to $2000$ or whatever you choose. All...
  7. kushal

    [CS:S] Bomb Effects 2020-06-20

    c4 Effects By Status_fix This is a Really Cool Plugin that adds this Funny Head to the Bomb Found Bugs : Rotation Of Bomb causes glitch to Defuser. When Beam is less than 25 Other SDKTool Plugins with Bomb Effects dont work Forgot the Russian Translation Translation : Requirements ...
  8. kushal

    [CS:S] Pets 1.1.4

    [CS:S v34] Pets This plugin provides facility to prevent players flashing their teammates. It also allows to prevent flashing the flashbang owner, spectators or dead players. Requirements : Sourcemod v1.8 or Higher Installation : Download file from this post. Extract the contents...
  9. X

    DoS Protect for CSSv34 Windows Server

    XTreme killer submitted a new resource: DDOS Protection - DOS PROTECT Read more about this resource...
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