1. kushal

    Plugin-Module [WarMoD] Halftime and FullTime Sounds. 2020-06-25

    Note : Please Make sure Your Sound Files are - For MP3 type .mp3 and attributes Layer-3 44100 Hz or Less and , 192 kbps Or Less with stereo. For WAV - Any Attribute with 32hz to 44100 Hz. [WarMoD] Halftime and FullTime Sounds. This plugin provides facility to play Halftime and Fulltime Sounds...
  2. kushal

    Plugin-Module [WarMod] Hint Score Show 1.2beta

    [WarMod] Hint Score Show This plugin provides facility to show scores of WarMod. Dependencies : Sourcemod With Sockets Extensions Game Tech WarMoD ScreenShot : Requirements : Sourcemod v1.8 or Higher GameTech WarMod Twelve-60 Installation : Download file from this post...
  3. Vertigo

    Plugin-Module [ClientMod] Warmod vF.2

    This plugin adds 5v5 or more players Competitive feature to Counter Strike: Source server. This can be used for 5v5 Clan war servers, Mix War Servers or Auto Mix War Servers. Features : Ready System Automatic LO3 (Live on 3) Automatic SourceTV Management Automatic swap teams SourceMod menu...
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