1. Bacardi

    Not Required MapCfg Activator 1.0

    ⚙ Map Configuration Activator ⚙ Introduction: Welcome to this post, we are here with a very new resource Mapcfg Activator. It allows server to automatically exec the mapcfg on Load of new map after server executes server.cfg. Installation: Download the resource attached with this post and...
  2. Bacardi

    Team Join Blocker Final

    Q. What is the plugins about? Ans. The plugin will block and shift the target team to another team. This plugin is usefull when you are running some events on the server and you need all to be at one team or any other matching events/situations. Q. Does it Supports Clientmod? Ans. Yes, It...
  3. Vertigo

    Sourcemod For CSS v34 (v1.11.6902)

    Sourcemod is a server modification for any game which runs on Half-Life 2 Engine. It is a powerful, highly optimized platform for scripting plugins and handling server administration. The default package comes with a base set of plugins, but there are over 2,500 plugins in the community...
  4. P

    Solved SRCDS.exe - CRASH

    Hello, again, sorry for opening so many threads, I'm learning, and sometimes I'm not that good at solving problems. In this case, I have my plugins, installed, etc. And when I run the srcds.exe one minute it quits unexpectedly for no reason, and the logs don't show any kind of error. L...
  5. Vertigo

    Transfer/Toss Weapons v1.0

    This plugin allows players to transfer or toss weapons to other teammates during freezetime (similar to CS:GO's toss weapon functionality). You must aim your crosshair to your teammate to toss your weapon. Otherwise, weapon transfer will not work if your crosshair is not on your teammate. This...
  6. kirito212


    Es un simple Bievenida y rules con lo nuevo del clientmod es mi primer plugins basado en esto del clientmod espero que le guste PD: No tiene ningun translations tampoco config. se debe editar el texto desde .sp ru: Это простое приветствие и правила с новым clientmod это мои первые плагины на...
  7. kushal

    Core Kigen's Anti-Cheat [KAC 1.2] For CSS v34 ac-1.2.2

    It's Been Days I had posted here :P Kigen's Anti-Cheat : What is it? If you don't know what it is u should prolly now use it even :ROFLMAO: Basically, another Anti Cheat that works for v34 and CM Requirements : Socket Extension Sourcemod 1.9 or Higher Server ConVars kac_version - Version...
  8. P

    Solved Sourcemod Plugin for Kill Assist

    Hello. Do you have plugin for kill assist and add 1 point for plugin RankMe? CSS v34. Thanks for answer.
  9. N

    Solved How To Load Specific config on map load ???

    Can You Guys Help Me How To Load Specific config on map load. for example : if we load zombie map it will automatically load zombie config that we created ???
  10. N

    Solved Level Rank Plugin Load Error : no debug string

    When I Type In My Server !rcon sm plugins load levelsranks.smx Its Giving Error [Vitality™] Plugin levelsranks.smx failed to load: Unable to load plugin (no debug string table). [SM] Plugin levelsranks.smx failed to load: Unable to load plugin (no debug string table). Plugins used ...
  11. Vertigo

    News v1.0

    This plugin shows live-news in chat. It shows top news fetched from News API. The plugin supports client preferences, so the players can enable/disable seeing news. This plugin can show the particular message in motd panel by typing !news command. Requirement : Rest in Pawn Sourcemod...
  12. Vertigo

    REST in Pawn v1.2.3

    This extension exposes a high performance HTTP client for JSON REST APIs. It supports HTTP/2, HTTPS and gzip, and provides methodmaps for JSON objects and arrays. Requirement : Sourcemod v1.10 or Higher Installation : Download the extension zip file from this post depending on your OS...
  13. Vertigo

    Abner Remove Bullet Impacts v1.0

    This plugin removes bullet impacts effect from teammates body when you shoot a teammate and friendly fire is OFF. Requirements : Sourcemod v1.8 or Higher Installation : Download from this post. Extract the contents of zip file and put it into cstrike...
  14. X

    Advanced Admin Chat 2.1

    This plugin allows you to color name, chat and prefix with multi-color support. MENU : Requirements : Sourcemod v1.8 or Higher Installation : Download Advanced Admin file attached to this post. Extract the content of zip file and put into your server's cstrike folder. Change...
  15. Vertigo

    Weapon Cleaner v1.0

    This plugin cleans up all the weapons dropped on the ground to increase server performance. You can also filter out some weapons or items which should not be cleaned. This plugin is best suitable in Surf, Gun-Game, Deathmatch servers. This plugin has 3 modes (sm_weapon_cleaner_mode): 1. Auto...
  16. Vertigo

    No Head Shake v1.0.1

    This plugin prevents head shake (screen shake) effect when someone shoots you in the head, including teammates or enemies. Requirements : Sourcemod v1.8 or Higher Installation : Download file from this post. Extract the contents of zip file and put it into cstrike...
  17. Vertigo

    Abner Duel v4.0.9

    This plugin starts a duel gun fight whenever there is a 1v1 situation, similar to Knife Fight plugin. It has following features : No Scope (For scoped weapons) Supports multiple weapons Music during the 1v1 gun fight Client preferences for music and duel settings Infinite ammo in duel fight...
  18. P

    Solved Add admin flag for RTD (Roll the Dice) Plugin

    Hello. I'm newbie in plugin codes.. I have plugin for !rtd: but i want this plugin for people with admin flag "a" . Can you help me please :rolleyes:
  19. X

    MVP plugin 1.5

    This plugin shows mvp at the round of end. Requirements : Sourcemod v1.10.6239 or Higher sm_mvp_output - Tells how to show mvp 0 - No Text and No Overlay, 1 - Only Text, 2 - Overlay and Text mix. // Remember that after changing this variable, it will update in next start of round...
  20. Vertigo

    Plugin-Module [ClientMod] Connect Announce v1.5

    This plugin prints connect/disconnect message in chat when someone joins the server. It also shows the version of ClientMod the player is using. You can modify the connect message in the translation file. This plugin also supports chat color of both ClientMod and Non-ClientMod. Note: This...
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