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Supported Games
CS: Source (v34), CS: Source (Steam/Orange Box), ClientMod
⚙ Map Configuration Activator ⚙

Welcome to this post, we are here with a very new resource Mapcfg Activator. It allows server to automatically exec the mapcfg on Load of new map after server executes server.cfg.
This Plugin is marked as not required by the Developer because the map configuration doesn't requires any third plugin. In most cases the map cfg is executed automatically on map load. But one has to go through the configuration files. So to make it easy we made this plugin.

Download the resource attached with this post and extract it by following directories.
The rar should contain these directories cstrike/addons/sourcemod/plugins/ also cstrike/cfg/mapcfg/
If any of these directories are missing, Kindly report it to Bacardi.

The cstrike/cfg/mapcfg directory is required in order to use this plugin.
This directory contains the name of the map with .cfg extension (the ending tag which defines the file type).
There are examples inside the mapcfg folder check it out.

For example:

Inside this cofiguration file (de_dust2.cfg) you have to write commands that you want to execute.

For example:
sv_gravity 250
sm plugins unload PluginName
etc ...

This configuration file will execute after the load of the main server.cfg file present in cstrike/cfg.
You have to create cfg file with map name. Make sure the map name is not misspelled and the file is in correct directory.

Reuirements :
  • Sourcemod v1.10 or higher.

If any problem occurs kindly inform @Bacardi
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