Kigen's Anti-Cheat [KAC 1.2] For CSS v34

Core Kigen's Anti-Cheat [KAC 1.2] For CSS v34 ac-1.2.2

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Supported Games
CS: Source (v34), ClientMod
It's Been Days I had posted here :p

Kigen's Anti-Cheat :
What is it? If you don't know what it is u should prolly now use it even :ROFLMAO:
Basically, another Anti Cheat that works for v34 and CM

Requirements :
  1. Socket Extension
  2. Sourcemod 1.9 or Higher

Server ConVars
  • kac_version - Version of KAC. (No edit)
  • kac_block_multibyte_names - Blocks people from using multibyte characters in their name. (Unicode)
  • kac_block_namecopy - Block people from copying another's name. ( 1 (on) or 0 (off)
  • kac_irc_channel - Optional IRC channel to announce KAC actions. Requires IRC Relay for use. (String) *Doesnt Works for 1.10 SM v34*
  • kac_enable - If KAC should be enabled or not.
Usefull ConVars :
  • kac_cmdspam - How many commands in a second before kicking excluding buy and use commands. (default 15; disable 0)
  • kac_addcvar <cvar name> <comparison type> <action> <value> <value2 if bound>
  • kac_removecvar <cvar name>
  • kac_addcmd <command name> <ban (1 or 0)>
  • kac_removecmd <command name>
  • kac_eyes_antiwall - Enable/Disable antiwall. By default it is disabled. (Works for all however, it is experimental.)
  • kac_eyes_antiwall_wait - Process only every x tick. Delays Antiwall processing every x tick. Default is 0 (meaning processing every tick).
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