1. Bacardi

    Not Required MapCfg Activator 1.0

    ⚙ Map Configuration Activator ⚙ Introduction: Welcome to this post, we are here with a very new resource Mapcfg Activator. It allows server to automatically exec the mapcfg on Load of new map after server executes server.cfg. Installation: Download the resource attached with this post and...

    Clientmod Cheats

    Hello btw, this thread only for Servers Owners for ClientMod servers only, they must use an anti-cheat because a new cheat has been detected and as the Owner of the ClientMod says "ClientMod is not anti-cheat" types of fraud that have spread: ESP (wallhack) - BHOP for the AntiCheats. u have...
  3. Bacardi

    Team Join Blocker Final

    Q. What is the plugins about? Ans. The plugin will block and shift the target team to another team. This plugin is usefull when you are running some events on the server and you need all to be at one team or any other matching events/situations. Q. Does it Supports Clientmod? Ans. Yes, It...
  4. P

    Solved (Client dropped by server)

    Hi, I was creating my CS:Source v34 server with srcds.exe. And enter with the CLIENTMOD V3 and this error appears Dropped prinzssj. from server (Client dropped by server) How can I solve it?.
  5. kirito212


    Es un simple Bievenida y rules con lo nuevo del clientmod es mi primer plugins basado en esto del clientmod espero que le guste PD: No tiene ningun translations tampoco config. se debe editar el texto desde .sp ru: Это простое приветствие и правила с новым clientmod это мои первые плагины на...
  6. HosseinKia

    [CS:S] Fix Smoke 1.0.0b

    CS:S V34 - Fix Smoke 1.0.0b Resolved the problem of clientmod fast smoke opening. Plugin for those who do not use clientmod! Plugin Tested in sm (1.4/1.8/1.9/1.10) - Worked.
  7. Vertigo

    ClientMod Add-On For Old CS:S v34 v1.0.7

    This add-on provides some of the ClientMod features in Old CS:S. If you want to have ClientMod features in Old CS:S without installing the full ClientMod game, then this add-on is useful for you. It doesn't drop any FPS. Features : No FPS Drop Crosshair Customization Radar Customization More...
  8. bad_doctor

    Open Clientmod on Ubuntu desktop 20.04

    I have wine installed , loader opens up and loads the files but when i click on play button it crashes . ( I have already installed vc 2015 ,. Net and directx 9 june 2010) please help.
  9. kushal

    Core Kigen's Anti-Cheat [KAC 1.2] For CSS v34 ac-1.2.2

    It's Been Days I had posted here :P Kigen's Anti-Cheat : What is it? If you don't know what it is u should prolly now use it even :ROFLMAO: Basically, another Anti Cheat that works for v34 and CM Requirements : Socket Extension Sourcemod 1.9 or Higher Server ConVars kac_version - Version...
  10. X

    Advanced Admin Chat 2.1

    This plugin allows you to color name, chat and prefix with multi-color support. MENU : Requirements : Sourcemod v1.8 or Higher Installation : Download Advanced Admin file attached to this post. Extract the content of zip file and put into your server's cstrike folder. Change...
  11. Vertigo

    Plugin-Module [ClientMod] Connect Announce v1.5

    This plugin prints connect/disconnect message in chat when someone joins the server. It also shows the version of ClientMod the player is using. You can modify the connect message in the translation file. This plugin also supports chat color of both ClientMod and Non-ClientMod. Note: This...
  12. E

    Solved Scripting Help Clientmod_bypassV1

    hi i want block clientmod bypass with this plugin but me cant read client console thats my new String:command_check[128]; public OnPluginStart() { FormatEx(command_check, sizeof(command_check), "setinfo e_c4_timer 1"); HookUserMessage(GetUserMessageId("TextMsg"), MessageHandler, true)...
  13. Vertigo

    Brand New ClientMod & CSSv34 Cheat

    Cheers !! Finally a good working cheat for ClientMod. Description : All in one pack. It just works. How To Install : Download the zip file from below link. And unpack into cstrike directory. Hop into game and press Insert key to activate the cheat. Click Here To Download
  14. bornforgaming3201

    [CSS/CS:GO] SLAYER-RES Round End Sound v2.1.5

    [CSS/CS:GO] SLAYER-RES Round End Sound v2.1.5 Description : Hi, I make a new plugin which play sound in end of round and also display the name of sound. I hope you will like it. Features : 1. Display song name which is playing. 2. It has its own menu by typing !res. 3. It has different colors...
  15. Vertigo

    Plugin-Module [ClientMod] Pickup Weapon (Using USE Key) v1.1

    This plugin allows players to pickup weapon using USE or E key. The difference between this plugin and another Pickup Weapon plugin is, this plugin requires ClientMod to work. And this plugin only has Aim Mode, that means, you must aim your crosshair at the dropped weapon and press E in order to...
  16. Vertigo

    Plugin-Module [ClientMod] Allow Old v1.2

    This plugins allows Old CSS v34 users to connect to ClientMod only server [clientmod_private 1 or 2]. But it has feature to prevent them from joining any team. It will show them a message why they are not allowed to join the team. You can also allow them to play if...
  17. SUP3RN0VA

    Solved I'm getting higher ping in clientmod than the old v34 css

    I'm getting higher ping in clientmod than the old v34 css
  18. Vertigo

    Fixed The game only supports Pixel Shader 2.0b or Greater.

    Error Details : A Pixel Shader is a graphics function that calculates effects on a per-pixel basis. Pixel Shading is a method used for rendering advanced graphical features such as bump mapping and shadows. Most modern PC games utilize pixel shaders in conjunction with advanced GPUs...
  19. Vertigo

    Fixed CMLauncher.exe (Clientmod Launcher) disappeared from game folder.

    Error Details : Sometimes you want to play the game, but when you go to game folder to open the Launcher, you get surprised, because launcher is disappeared even though you did not delete it. No need to panic, because your antivirus or windows defender has removed it. You can bring it back...
  20. X

    Solved SteamID changed everytime?

    my Steam ID flutuates between 1. STEAM_0:0:1579988047 (my old steam ID which I used to play with 1 year ago) 2. STEAM_0:0:649484612 (my new steam ID after installing game after 1 year) My adminship is on 1st ID please help me to fix this.
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