News v1.0

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Supported Games
Counter Strike: Source (v34), Counter Strike: Source (Steam/Orange Box), Counter Strike: Global Offensive, ClientMod
This plugin shows live-news in chat. It shows top news fetched from News API. The plugin supports client preferences, so the players can enable/disable seeing news. This plugin can show the particular message in motd panel by typing !news command.



Requirement :
Installation :
  • Download file from this post.
  • Extract the content of the zip file and extract into cstrike folder of your server.
  • Restart the server.
Configuration :
  • You need to get News API token from News API website in order to use this plugin. So Sign UP on that website and get an API token. It's free. The free service can make 100 requests per day. Which should be enough for this plugin.
  • Put your API token in the CVAR sm_news_api_token in cstrike/cfg/sourcemod/news.cfg file.
    For example (The token in this example is wrong, use yours) :
    sm_news_api_token "69ab0c2d7d4b9a81b8e8ce5a342"
  • Set your country code in country CVAR sm_news_country in cstrike/cfg/sourcemod/news.cfg file. The country code must be in 2 characters (ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 Format). Get your country code from This List.
Chat Commands :
!news          -          Shows the current news in MOTD Panel
!newsme        -          Enable/disable showing of news
Admin Commands :
!getnews       -          Manually instant update the latest news list.


// API Token from
// Do not share your news API token with unknown person.
// -
// Default: ""
sm_news_api_token ""

// Specify the country for the News.
// You must use a 2 characters country code (ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 Format).
// Supported Countries :
// -
// Default: "IN"
sm_news_country "IN"

// Time interval in seconds to show the news in chat.
// -
// Default: "10.0"
// Minimum: "1.000000"
// Maximum: "1000.000000"
sm_news_show_interval "10.0"

// Time interval in seconds to fetch the updated news list.
// -
// Default: "1800"
// Minimum: "900.000000"
// Maximum: "86400.000000"
sm_news_update_interval "1800"
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