Supported Games
CS: Source (v34), CS: Source (Steam/Orange Box), CS: GO
This plugin cleans up all the weapons dropped on the ground to increase server performance. You can also filter out some weapons or items which should not be cleaned. This plugin is best suitable in Surf, Gun-Game, Deathmatch servers. This plugin has 3 modes (sm_weapon_cleaner_mode):

1. Auto Cleanup Mode (As soon as player dies) [sm_weapon_cleaner_mode = 0]:

In this mode, plugin will perform cleaning every time when a player dies.

2. Auto Cleanup Mode (Every X Seconds) [sm_weapon_cleaner_mode = 1]:

In this mode, plugin will perform cleaning every X seconds, depending on the cvar sm_weapon_cleaner_interval.

3. Manual Cleanup Mode [sm_weapon_cleaner_mode = 2]:

In this mode, only admin can perform the cleaning operation. For this, !clean command is provided. However admin can use this command any time, even in auto cleanup mode.

Requirements :
  • Sourcemod v1.8 or Higher
Installation :
  • Download from this post.
  • Extract the contents of zip file and put it into cstrike folder of your server.
  • Configure the file cstrike/addons/sourcemod/configs/filter_weapon_cleaner.cfg, if required.
  • Restart the server or change the map.
Configuration :

This plugin can be configured to ignore certain weapons from cleaning process. If you don't want certain weapons to be removed, list them in cstrike/addons/sourcemod/configs/filter_weapon_cleaner.cfg file.

Admin Commands :
!clean     -     Clean all the dropped weapons from the map.
// Weapon Cleaning Mode.
// 0 = As soon as player dies and weapon is dropped on the ground.
// 1 = Every X seconds.
// 2 = Only using admin command (!clean).
// -
// Default: "0"
// Minimum: "0.000000"
// Maximum: "2.000000"
sm_weapon_cleaner_mode "0"

// Time interval in seconds to clean up the weapons on the ground every X seconds.
// This cvar is only considered if, sm_weapon_cleaner_mode = 1
// -
// Default: "10"
// Minimum: "0.000000"
// Maximum: "1000.000000"
sm_weapon_cleaner_interval "10"
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