1. bornforgaming3201

    [CSS/CS:GO] SLAYER-RES Round End Sound v2.1.5

    [CSS/CS:GO] SLAYER-RES Round End Sound v2.1.5 Description : Hi, I make a new plugin which play sound in end of round and also display the name of sound. I hope you will like it. Features : 1. Display song name which is playing. 2. It has its own menu by typing !res. 3. It has different colors...
  2. TheNomUser

    Warmod for CSS v91 (Only spanish) 1.0

    This is a little bit port for CSS v91 (work with CSSO) the only thing have is the mod have in spanish i translate later (include Metamod & Sourcemod) (not work with bots) To Install: extract in server CStrike Folder or CStrike client folder Commands: Forcestart << force start Warmode...
  3. kushal

    [ANY] Junk Deleter 1.2.2

    [ANY] JUNK CLEANER This plugin should be fine BUT I am not responsible for any loss of data or damage to your server that this plugin may or may not cause. A pretty simple plugin that does what it says, cleans up old logs, sprays and automatic demo files. It does this every map start...
  4. kushal

    [ClientMod] In-Game Name Finder

    [CS:S] IGN GeoIPCountry Support This Plugin Helps Admins Find any Connected Player's (or even bot's ) Oldest Connection Log Names . Admins can also check Their Steamid , IP And Tells Them If they have Adminship Or Not. Requirements : GeoIP City Extension Sourcemod v1.8 or Higher CHMOD...
  5. kushal

    Plugin-Module [WarMoD] Halftime and FullTime Sounds. 2020-06-25

    Note : Please Make sure Your Sound Files are - For MP3 type .mp3 and attributes Layer-3 44100 Hz or Less and , 192 kbps Or Less with stereo. For WAV - Any Attribute with 32hz to 44100 Hz. [WarMoD] Halftime and FullTime Sounds. This plugin provides facility to play Halftime and Fulltime Sounds...
  6. kushal

    Plugin-Module [WarMod] Hint Score Show 1.2beta

    [WarMod] Hint Score Show This plugin provides facility to show scores of WarMod. Dependencies : Sourcemod With Sockets Extensions Game Tech WarMoD ScreenShot : Requirements : Sourcemod v1.8 or Higher GameTech WarMod Twelve-60 Installation : Download WarScores.zip file from this post...
  7. kushal

    [CS:S] Bomb Effects 2020-06-20

    c4 Effects By Status_fix This is a Really Cool Plugin that adds this Funny Head to the Bomb Found Bugs : Rotation Of Bomb causes glitch to Defuser. When Beam is less than 25 Other SDKTool Plugins with Bomb Effects dont work Forgot the Russian Translation Translation : Requirements ...
  8. kushal

    [CS:S] Pets 1.1.4

    [CS:S v34] Pets This plugin provides facility to prevent players flashing their teammates. It also allows to prevent flashing the flashbang owner, spectators or dead players. Requirements : Sourcemod v1.8 or Higher Installation : Download Pets.zip file from this post. Extract the contents...
  9. X

    DoS Protect for CSSv34 Windows Server

    XTreme killer submitted a new resource: DDOS Protection - DOS PROTECT Read more about this resource...
  10. Deltacreek

    CSS AK47 Skinpack Download (All Versions) | Deltacreek v1

    AK47 Skinpack created by Deltacreek.This skins work on all the versions of Counter Strike Source. Full Credits for the Skins :- https://smash-cs.ru/ Password For all the .zip files is :- "Deltacreek" 1) Demon : 2) fnatic Legion : 3) Road Hog : 4) Wyrm : 5) Demolition v2 : 6)...
  11. Vertigo

    Counter Strike: Source [ClientMod] (No-Steam) v34, Build 4044

    ClientMod is an enhanced and updated version of Counter Strike: Source v34 game. It has many bug fixes and added features from Steam CSS as well as CS:GO. Developer: Reg1oxen For Installation Guide, See below links Install Guide by Vertigo Install Guide Official Website Contact US For...
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