[CS:S] Bomb Effects

[CS:S] Bomb Effects 2020-06-20

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c4 Effects By Status_fix
This is a Really Cool Plugin that adds this Funny Head to the Bomb


Found Bugs :
  • Rotation Of Bomb causes glitch to Defuser.
  • When Beam is less than 25 Other SDKTool Plugins with Bomb Effects dont work
  • Forgot the Russian Translation
Fixing the Bug
Edit The CFG of The Plugin Under /cstrike/cfg/sourcemod/bomb_events.cfg
With the Values down below
c4_rotate "0"
Fixes the Defusal Glitch.
c4_z "25"
Height of the bomb from ground.
c4_z_beam_noise "25"
If You Have Problem with SDKtool Plugins this will fix it
Translation :
c4_planted_msg - Message that the bomb has been Planted. 1 = Yes. 0 = No.
c4_defused_msg - Message that the bomb has been cleared. 1 = Yes. 0 = No.
c4_explode_msg - Message that the bomb was detonated. 1 = Yes. 0 = No.
c4_place_msg - Message about where the bomb was installed. 1 = Yes. 0 = No.
c4_defused_frags - How many players get fractions for mine clearance
c4_explode_frags - How many players get frags for a bomb explosion
c4_kill - Delete the installed bomb at the end of the round; 1 = Yes. 0 = No.
c4_z - Height from Ground to raise the bomb from the ground
c4_z_beam - add a radiation effect; 1 = Yes. 0 = No.
c4_z_beam_noise - How much the beam will 'tremble', _, true, 0.0, true, 50.0);
c4_z_beam_width - Red Beam Width
c4_rotate - 1 = Installed bomb rotates; 0 = No Rotation
Requirements :

Installation :

  • Download c4_by_Status_fix.zip file from this post.
  • Extract the contents of zip file and put it into cstrike/addons/sourcemod folder of your server.
  • For Fast Downloaders Convert all Models and Material Files to .bz2 format and upload to webserver your-url.example/cstrike/
  • Change the map or Restart Server.
Credits :
  • Status_Fix
  • Like
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ITs Awesome Plugin But Can You Plz Change Russian Line And Stop DDOS My Server I Will Be ThankFull
Will Update Soon... And aah Would Be Nice If You block the DDOSER IP And Stop Blaming Others . Thank You
Those fucking eyes reminds me of Clippy from Microsoft Office.
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