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Supported Games
CS: Source (v34), CS: Source (Steam/Orange Box), ClientMod
This plugin adds 5v5 or more players Competitive feature to Counter Strike: Source server. This can be used for 5v5 Clan war servers, Mix War Servers or Auto Mix War Servers.


Features :
  • Ready System
  • Automatic LO3 (Live on 3)
  • Automatic SourceTV Management
  • Automatic swap teams
  • SourceMod menu integration
  • Team money display (Depends on ClientMod Scoreboard settings on the Server)
  • Knife Round support
  • Locked teams
  • Overtime support (Maxrounds/Sudden Death)
  • Playout support
  • MySQL result upload support
  • Multilingual support
  • Defuse bug fix
  • Delays show damage in console till end of round (or remove completely)
  • Removes "Fire in the Hole" sound
  • Removes help hints
  • Ragdoll removal
  • Enhanced UDP logs
  • Enhanced match logs
  • Forwards/Natives for other plugins
  • Morecolor Support
Requirements :
  • Sourcemod v1.8 or Higher
Installation :
  • Download plugin zip file attached to this post based on your CS:S version.
  • Extract the content of zip file and put into your server's cstrike folder.
  • Modify the configuration files as you like.
  • Restart the Server.
Modules :

Addon Plugins & Configurations [Optional] :

The warmod plugin works well with several other plugins, that make the competitive mod more interesting and safe from cheaters.
Chat Commands :
!score or score or s                                             -               Shows current match score.
!wm_readylist or !wmrl                                           -               Shows currently ready players in ready menu.
!wm_cash                                                         -               Ask team money
!ready or !rdy or !r                                             -               Mark yourself ready.
!unready or !notready or !unrdy or !notrdy or !ur or !nr         -               Mark yourself unready.
!info or !i                                                      -               Shows ready system info.
!help                                                            -               Shows help about warmod.
Admin Chat Commands :
!notlive or !nl  or !cancelhalf or !ch      -               Declares half not live and restart round (Cancel Match).
!readyup or !ru                             -               Start or stop the ready system.
!cancelmatch or !cm                         -               Cancel the current match.
!t                                          -               Team starting terrorists - Designed for score purposes
!ct                                         -               Team starting couner-terrorists - Designed for score purposes
!swap                                       -               Swap teams.
!pwd or !pw                                 -               Set password to server.
!active                                     -               Toggle warmod active or inactive.
!minready                                   -               Set minimum ready players in order to match to begin.
!maxrounds                                  -               Set max round to be played.
!knife  or !ko3                             -               Start live match Knife Round.
!cancelknife or !ck                         -               Cancels the live Knife Round.
!forceallready or !far                      -               Forces all players to become ready.
!forceallunready or !faur                   -               Forces all players to become unready.
!fs or !lo3 or !forcestart                  -               Force start the live match or war.
!fe or !forceend                            -               Force end the live match or war.
!readyon or !ron                            -               Turn on or restart the ready system.
!readyoff or !roff                          -               Turn off the ready system if enabled.
// Enable/disable warmod.
wm_active "1"

// Config file to use for match config
wm_match_config "warmod/global_config.cfg"

// Config file to use for knife round live on 3
wm_knife_config "warmod/on_knife_round_live.cfg"

// Config file to use for match live on 3
wm_live_config "warmod/on_match_live.cfg"

// Config file to use on half time
wm_half_time_config "warmod/on_match_half_time.cfg"

// Config file to use when math is ended or on reset
wm_reset_config "warmod/on_match_end.cfg"

// Enable/disable automatic kicking of losing team.
wm_auto_kick_team "0"

// Number of seconds to delay before the losing team is auto kicked.
wm_auto_kick_delay "10"

// Enable/disable the automatic knife round before match is live
wm_auto_knife "0"

// Enable/disable ready system to automatically enable on map change
wm_auto_ready "1"

// Enable/disable auto SourceTV demos to be recorded when match is live
wm_auto_record "1"

// Enable/disable auto swapping of teams on half time.
wm_auto_swap "1"

// Number of seconds to delay before teams are swapped on half time.
wm_auto_swap_delay "3"

// Enable/disable nightvision (1 = blocked)
wm_block_nightvision "1"

// Enable/disable grenades in warmup mode
wm_block_warm_up_grenades "0"

// Enable/disable players getting 3 points for exploding the bomb
wm_bomb_frags "0"

// Custom name of the Counter-Terrorists team
wm_ct "Counter-Terrorists"

// WarMod automatically updates this value to the Counter-Terrorist's total score (Used by plugin developers only)
// wm_ct_score

// Sets player console damage mode. (0 = removed, 1 = on death, 2 = delayed until end of the round)
wm_damage "1"

// Enable/disable players getting 3 points for defusing the bomb
wm_defuse_frags "0"

// Enable/disable global chat (Players can use @ symbol to send global messages)
wm_global_chat "1"

// Enable/disable ready system to automatically enable at the end of half time
wm_half_auto_ready "1"

// Enable/disable scores to be shown at the end of each round.
wm_ingame_scores "1"

// Enable/disable if a player should be given flashbangs in knife round.
wm_knife_flashbang "0"

// Enable/disable if a player should be given a grenade in knife round.
wm_knife_hegrenade "0"

// Enable/disable if a player should be given a smoke grenade in knife round.
wm_knife_smokegrenade "0"

// Enable/disable the override of the execution of wm_live_config and instead uses it's own (wait command fix)
// If this is enabled the config file "wm_live_config" is ignored and "configs/warmod_live_override.txt" is executed.
wm_live_override "1"

// Enable/disable the override of the execution of wm_knife_config and instead uses it's own (wait command fix)
wm_live_override_knife "1"

// Enable/disable locked teams when a match is running. When locked, playes cannot be interchanged.
wm_lock_teams "1"

// Maximum number of players allowed during the match in both teams combined. (0 = unlimited)
wm_max_players "10"

// Number of maximum rounds to be played before half time or auto team switch
wm_max_rounds "15"

// Sets the minimum players required to be ready before the match can be live or played
wm_min_ready "10"

// Sets overtime mode. (0 = off, 1 = Maxrounds (based on wm_overtime_max_rounds), 2 = Sudden Death)
wm_overtime "1"

// Maximum number of overtime rounds
wm_overtime_max_rounds "3"

// Overtime start money each team has
wm_overtime_start_money "10000"

// Enable/disable teams required to play out the match even after a winner has been decided
wm_play_out "0"

// Enable or disable the prefixing of _ to uncompleted match SourceTV demos and WarMod logs.
wm_prefix_logs "1"

// Enable/disable admin commands to be only executed via RCON or console
wm_rcon_only "0"

// Enable/disable deathcam removal after a player is dead
wm_remove_deathcam "1"

// Number of seconds to wait before removing the deathcam
wm_remove_deathcam_delay "1.4"

// Enable/disable removal of grenade sounds
wm_remove_grenade_sound "0"

// Enable/disable removal of the help hints
wm_remove_help_hints "1"

// Enable/disable removal of ragdolls (dead bodies)
wm_remove_ragdoll "1"

// Time in seconds before the ragdolls are removed
wm_remove_ragdoll_delay "2"

// Enable/disable team names to be set in live match
wm_require_names "0"

// Enable/disable a if a player can see his teammates money at round start.
wm_round_money "1"

// Specify in which folder demos (.dem files) and logs will be stored. (Relative to cstrike/ folder)
wm_save_dir "warmod"

// Score mode to be used for warmod (1 = Best Of, 2 = First To (based on wm_max_rounds))
wm_score_mode "1"

// Enable/disable display of ready system.
wm_show_info "1"

// Enable/disable warmod statistics (Disable if you are using third party rank plugins)
wm_stats_enabled "1"

// Sets the stats logging method. (0 = UDP stream/server logs, 1 = WarMod logs, 2 = both)
wm_stats_method "2"

// Enable/disable updating all player positions, every wm_stats_trace_delay seconds
wm_stats_trace "0"

// Number of seconds to delay before updating all player positions
wm_stats_trace_delay "5"

// WarMod automatically updates this value to the corresponding match status code (Can be used by plugin developers)
// wm_status "0"

// Custom name of the Terrorists team
wm_t "Terrorists"

// WarMod automatically updates this value to the Terrorist's total score (Used by plugin developers only)
// wm_t_score

// Name of the database table to store the results
wm_table_name "wm_results"

// Enable/disable players chat to be sent to SourceTV broadcast
wm_tv_chat "1"

// Enable or disable the uploading of match results via MySQL.
wm_upload_results "0"

// Enable/disable respawning of players in warmup mode.
wm_warmup_respawn "0"

Configuration :

All warmod related configuration files can be found in cstrike/cfg/warmod. You can edit them as you like. They are already edited to recommended values. Additionally, you can make changes in autoexec.cfg and server.cfg

Credits :

  • Twelve-60 (Original Author)
  • Danyas (Fixed for v34)
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