1. Vertigo

    News v1.0

    This plugin shows live-news in chat. It shows top news fetched from News API. The plugin supports client preferences, so the players can enable/disable seeing news. This plugin can show the particular message in motd panel by typing !news command. Requirement : Rest in Pawn Sourcemod...
  2. Vertigo

    Weapon Cleaner v1.0

    This plugin cleans up all the weapons dropped on the ground to increase server performance. You can also filter out some weapons or items which should not be cleaned. This plugin is best suitable in Surf, Gun-Game, Deathmatch servers. This plugin has 3 modes (sm_weapon_cleaner_mode): 1. Auto...
  3. Vertigo

    Abner Duel v4.0.9

    This plugin starts a duel gun fight whenever there is a 1v1 situation, similar to Knife Fight plugin. It has following features : No Scope (For scoped weapons) Supports multiple weapons Music during the 1v1 gun fight Client preferences for music and duel settings Infinite ammo in duel fight...
  4. Vertigo

    Killer Info Display v1.4.1

    This plugin shows various information about the player who killed you. It shows the weapon name, HP and armor left, kill distance. It also shows revenge and domination info. Players can turn off the killer info in clientprefs settings menu. Requirements : Sourcemod v1.8 or Higher...
  5. Vertigo

    Team Balance v1.2

    This is a simple team balancer plugin for server. This is mainly useful in deathmatch server, when auto team balance (mp_teambalance) moves a player to balance teams, the player does not respawn. This plugin solves this issue. If teams are not balanced, this plugin moves the first killed player...
  6. Vertigo

    Deathmatch Bonus v1.4

    This plugin gives bonus such as grenades and health for kills. Useful for deathmatch servers. He-grenade bonus Flashbang bonus Smoke grenade bonus HP bonus for Headshots HP bonus for kills HP bonus for knife kills Supports FFA Mode (Free For All) Requirements : Sourcemod v1.10 or Higher...
  7. Vertigo

    Deathmatch v1.8.2

    This plugin enables Deathmatch mode on your server. It also has many other features : Elimination Mode Spawn Protection with colors Removal of ragdolls and weapons to improve performance Readymade random spawn points for many popular maps In built spawn point editor In Built Gun Menu...
  8. Vertigo

    Buyzone Protector v2.2.2

    This plugin draws a protection lines around the buyzone, any player inside the buyzone protector is protected until the buyzone protection time is expired. This plugin also allows if protected player can shoot or not. Colors of protected players and protection lines can be changed in the config...
  9. Vertigo

    Anti Voice Loopback v1.02

    This plugin disables or blocks Voice Loopback in game. This will prevent the use of HLDJ and SLAM like tools and they will no longer work. So that you can avoid those annoying players playing sound through those tools. Blocks voice loopback in game which should break most tools like HLDJ/SLAM...
  10. Vertigo

    Game Chat Filter v1.7.0.3

    This plugin blocks configured list of words and prevents them appearing in chat. Features : Support for blocking the words from a configured list Immunity to admins Punishment system for using the bad words (Skip, Gag, Slap, Slay, Kick or Ban) Server messages block support Plugins commands...
  11. Vertigo

    Command & CVAR Shortcut v1.1

    This plugin lets you create shortcut chat commands to use existing commands & cvars. For example, instead of using !map de_dust2, you can create and use simply !dd2. Useful for servers where admins need to execute lot of commands, such as WarMod Server. Requirements : Sourcemod v1.8 or Higher...
  12. Vertigo

    Advanced Voice Communications v2.2.1

    This plugin provides more voice options to control dead talk on server. Sourcemod has in built command sm_deadtalk which provides Dead All Talk (Dead players can talk to each other and alive player won't hear them). This plugin also has feature to mute the configured team at the beginning of a...
  13. Vertigo

    AbNeR Round End Sounds v4.0.1

    This plugin plays custom songs at the round end. You can configure separate sounds to play for Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Songs can also be played randomly or in queue. This plugin also provides feature to play the song till it ends and can print song names in chat while playing...
  14. Vertigo

    Admin Password Checker v1.3.2

    This plugin checks for password whenever admin connects to the server. If admin did not enter the password or entered a wrong password, it simply kicks the admin. A log file admin_password_checker.log is generated in addons/sourcemod/logs/ folder. You can see who tried to enter the server...
  15. Make It Real 786

    CS:GO Buy Menu only with CS: Default HUD for CS:S ClientMod/v34 Bugs,errors Fixed and HUD redesigned 2020-04-26

    "CS:GO Buy menu for CS:S Clientmod With default HUD" CSGO buy menu mod for CSS CM this mod was made for cssv90+ and it was buggy and glitchy So i fixed it and compiled it for CSS CM i'm not sure about old CS:S v34 it may not work. This mod has only CSGO style Buy menu and spactate hud was...
  16. Vertigo

    Boost FPS in CSGO

    I have seen many videos on Youtube to boost FPS in CSGO, but none of them are quite effective except this one. This video helped FPS boost by 40%. So, I thought to share it here. You may find it helpful. Note: If you are unable to find FPS Boost Pack Zip Archive as shown in the video. Download...
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