1. Vertigo

    Team Balance v1.2

    This is a simple team balancer plugin for server. This is mainly useful in deathmatch server, when auto team balance (mp_teambalance) moves a player to balance teams, the player does not respawn. This plugin solves this issue. If teams are not balanced, this plugin moves the first killed player...
  2. Vertigo

    Deathmatch Lite Respawn v2.9-lm

    This plugin provides many features to CSS Deathmatch servers : Weapon cleanup to improve performance Respawn Delay Dissolve ragdolls with nice effect Spawn & Gun Game level up protection Money on respawn No block for player collision Requirements : Sourcemod v1.10 or Higher Installation ...
  3. Vertigo

    Gun Menu v1.0-lm

    This plugin provides gun menu. Players can select any weapon from gun menu. Useful for deathmatch servers. The plugin also has below features : Kill sound Enable/Disable C4 Enable/Disable Buy Zones Can issue specified amount of health, armor and helmet on player spawn Can issue equipments and...
  4. Vertigo

    Deathmatch Bonus v1.4

    This plugin gives bonus such as grenades and health for kills. Useful for deathmatch servers. He-grenade bonus Flashbang bonus Smoke grenade bonus HP bonus for Headshots HP bonus for kills HP bonus for knife kills Supports FFA Mode (Free For All) Requirements : Sourcemod v1.10 or Higher...
  5. Vertigo

    Deathmatch v1.8.2

    This plugin enables Deathmatch mode on your server. It also has many other features : Elimination Mode Spawn Protection with colors Removal of ragdolls and weapons to improve performance Readymade random spawn points for many popular maps In built spawn point editor In Built Gun Menu...
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