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Gun Menu v1.0-lm

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This plugin provides gun menu. Players can select any weapon from gun menu. Useful for deathmatch servers. The plugin also has below features :
  • Kill sound
  • Enable/Disable C4
  • Enable/Disable Buy Zones
  • Can issue specified amount of health, armor and helmet on player spawn
  • Can issue equipments and grenades on player spawn
  • Can show weapons in menu in any order you specify
  • Ability to give random weapons on each spawn


Requirements :
  • Sourcemod v1.10 or Higher
Installation :
  • Download file attached to this post.
  • Extract the content of zip file and put into your server's cstrike/addons/sourcemod folder.
  • Change the map or restart the server.
Player Chat Commands :
!guns or !gunmenu or !gun or !gunlist          -          Opens the gun menu.
Configuration :

You can configure the gun menu in cstrike/addons/sourcemod/configs/gunmenu.ini file. You can modify weapon names and order. There are also other settings like kill sound, enabling/disabling buyzones, c4 and related to grenades and equipments etc.

Credits :
  • LumiStance
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