Sound Info Library Extension For Linux Server

Sound Info Library Extension For Linux Server v1.0

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This extension reads various information of .mp3 sound files, such as sound length, bit rate, sample rate, artist, title, etc. It is required for certain plugins to work which needs this information.

Requirements :
  • Sourcemod v1.8 or Higher
  • [Optional] If this extension doesn't work and you get error like cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory, then install below packages:
    # For Debian/Ubuntu
    dpkg --add-architecture i386
    apt update
    apt install libstdc++6:i386 libgcc1:i386 zlib1g:i386 libncurses5:i386
    # For RHEL/CentOS
    yum install zlib.i686
Installation :
  • Download file attached to this post.
  • Extract the content of zip file and put into your server's cstrike/addons/sourcemod folder.
  • Change the map or load the extension using sm exts load soundlib.
Plugins Using This Extension :
  • Say Sounds
  • Abner Round End Sounds
Credits :
  • Barni
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ny Centos or Redhat / RHEL users wondering wtf happened here use this command xd --> yum -y install zlib.i686
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