Rules For Posting Resources


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Resources in this forum are generally provided for public use for free. However some resources can be paid or premium. Please keep in mind the following points before adding a resource to this forum. If your resource doesn't comply with the rules, It will most likely be deleted.

  • Post your resources in their respective categories. If you don't see any suitable category, just ask me to make one.
  • Always keep description of your resource readable and clean and to the point. Provide screenshots/video if any, installation or how to use details, configuration details if any and few extra details what you think should be provided.
  • If the resource you are posting is not yours, and you have modified it slightly or completely. Then you must mention the original Author(s) in credits list.
  • For attaching the actual resource for the download, I recommend you to use .zip format. However more file types are also supported.
  • If your download link contains external URL, make sure they do not contain malicious information, virus or data or spam website. URL shortner links are allowed.
  • If you want to make your resource premium/paid. Keep in mind below points :
    • Make sure you are the original author of the resource and no one else.
    • You are not allowed to sell the resources of others. Unless you have permission from the original author to do so.
    • Put a reasonable price for your resource.
    • Before making your resource premium, you must submit a copy of your original resource to the admin or moderator. Once approved you are allowed to post your resource.
    • Your resource payment URL must be valid and not a scam.
    • If you get reported of any scam or we find you doing such things. You will be banned from this forum.
  • If posting server plugins, you must provide the source code of the plugin in the zip file of download.
  • You can post any type of useful resources such as softwares, programs, games etc not just server plugins.
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