1. Ayat

    Solved Any Ban Rules?

    Hackers are not getting ban. Instead of them the person who is calling them hacker is getting ban. Old players can check TV but new players cant check TV of an old player. They laugh on them when they want TV. Most of the people think they hack but nobody can't check because of their power or...
  2. Vertigo

    Rules For Posting Resources

    Resources in this forum are generally provided for public use for free. However some resources can be paid or premium. Please keep in mind the following points before adding a resource to this forum. If your resource doesn't comply with the rules, It will most likely be deleted. Post your...
  3. Vertigo


    Please follow these rules for posting questions or replying to threads : Use Search feature before posting anything. The question may have been already asked or answered. Do not post duplicate question, threads or replies. Do not use racist or abusive words towards members or anyone. Provide...
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