VIP Core 3.0.1

Core VIP Core 3.0.1 2023-10-14

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Supported Games
CS: Source (v34), CS: Source (Steam/Orange Box), CS: GO
The plugin allows you to give players VIP status forever or for a certain period.
Given the modular system of the plugin, you always have the opportunity to expand the functionality of the plugin.
The plugin is very flexible and easy to configure.

  1. sm_refresh_vips - Reloads the list of VIP players.
  2. sm_reload_vip_cfg - Reloads VIP settings (updates groups and runs sm_refresh_vips).
  3. sm_delvip - deletes a VIP player
  4. sm_addvip <#steam_id|#name|#userid> - adds a VIP player.
    <#steam_id|#name|#userid> - player's steam id (or nickname if the player is on the server at the moment)
    - time in units specified in the VIP_Core.cfg config (Look carefully at sm_vip_time_mode)
    - VIP group.
    <parameter> - required parameter
    [parameter] - optional parameter
    *Put all parameters in quotes: "parameter"
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