1. Rage Player

    BLACK URBAN 2022-05-27

    ITS GOOD FOR ADMIN OR VIP Some pictures in the file NICE BLACK URBAN SKIN ( BRI SKIN ) Made specifically for Algerian servers Credits: Mohamed DreaM (ME) Have Fun Working 100% CS:S v34
  2. Rage Player


    Have Fun
  3. Rage Player

    Plugin-Module VIP Keys 1.0.2 2022-03-25

    Allows you to create activation keys, and players, in turn, can activate them and receive VIP status. - Instruction: Specify the term and lifetime of the keys in the units specified in sm_vip_time_mode. vip_del_key <key name> - Delete key. vip_remove_key <key name> - Remove a key...
  4. bornforgaming3201

    [CSS/CSGO] VIP by R1KO with Modules in ENG v3.0.1R

    Vip by R1KO in English Version with 60+ Modules. To Download go to this site :
  5. kareem

    Solved Where can I get viptest plugin ?

    I want a VIP test.
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