Looser Team Slay

Looser Team Slay 1.0

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Supported Games
CS: Source (v34)
Looser Team Slay

Description :
The Looser Team Slay plugin for Counter-Strike: Source V34 will enhance the Gaming experience in your server.
The plugin is named as Looser Team Slay because it will slay the entire team based on loosing or we can say based on Bomb Events.

Installation :

  1. Download the file linked with this post.
  2. Extract the files into cstrike/addons/sourcemod/plugins folder.
  3. Restart server or Refresh the plugin list.

When Plugin is Triggered ?
  • When the Bomb is Defused successfully.
  • When the Bomb is Exploded successfully.
  • When the Round is Saved by CT.

Cvar :
"sm_enable_lts" "1" //Enable or Disable looser team slay. (1 - Enable, 0 - Disable)

"sm_lts_OnBombDefuse" "1" //What should lts do when the bomb gets Defused? (0 - Nothing, 1 - Slay Terrorist)

"sm_lts_OnBombExplode" "1" //What should lts do when the bomb gets exploded? (0 - Nothing, 1 - Slay Counter-Terrorist)

"sm_lts_OnSave" "1" //What should lts do when the round ends with a Target Save? (0 - Nothing, 1 - No damage mode for all)

Future Scope :

  • Punishment reason in text area, centre text or may be in Hint pannel.

Contacts Available :
Risserver: Bacardi
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