New MasterServers For Css v34


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Hello users,

Considering the issues faced by the css.setti website, we have decided to develop a stable and up-to-date alternative for public use. We are pleased to announce that our efforts have been successful, and we greatly appreciate the support from all our friends thus far.

The problems with the css.setti website were evident, including frequent outages, difficulties in adding servers, lack of support, and delayed responses.

We are excited to introduce our new project: Masterservers for Counter-Strike Source v34. After diligent work with some of our friends and colleagues, the project is now ready for use. Our website is available in three languages: Russian, English, and Persian, and it is fully optimized for user experience.

Our server bot is intelligent, allowing for efficient sorting of servers based on player count, country, ping, and other factors.

To get started, simply visit our website at and add your servers.


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