clientmod 3

  1. amirmarvi

    Solved My Server Changes the player's default STEAM_Id

    hi every one... i have a very heart broking problem xD My Server Changes the player's default STEAM_Id and the point is that my internet connection ip changes at least twice a day... the problem is that .. when 2 players connect with same ip... the server says: the steam_id is already in use...
  2. Vertigo

    ClientMod 2 is no more !!

    ClientMod has officially closed support for ClientMod version 2. Only ClientMod 3 will be availble from now on. We are extending support for both ClientMod and old CSSv34 users on our servers. Because ClientMod 3 doesn't work for everyone. If you are facing slow download speed while downloading...
  3. Vertigo

    Plugin-Module [ClientMod] Pickup Weapon (Using USE Key) v1.0

    This plugin allows players to pickup weapon using USE or E key. The difference between this plugin and another Pickup Weapon plugin is, this plugin requires ClientMod to work. And this plugin only has Aim Mode, that means, you must aim your crosshair at the dropped weapon and press E in order to...
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