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    Open Clientmod on Ubuntu desktop 20.04

    First of all, If you need to run wine, You might have to change windows version. OR else try changing wine configurations.
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    Open Clientmod on Ubuntu desktop 20.04

    NEVER run Wine as root! Doing so gives Windows programs (and viruses) full access to your computer and every piece of media attached to it. Running with sudo also has these same risks but with the added bonus of breaking the permissions on your ~/.wine folder in the process. If you have run Wine...
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    Grenade Trails

    You ignored ☹.
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    Grenade Trails

    @Vertigo You missed my reply.
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    Solved Need Default Old CSS v34 CT and T Skins

    He thinks that if he gets old skins of t and ct, his game will stop dropping fps.
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    Solved Need Default Old CSS v34 CT and T Skins

    BRO in warmod plugin, default css skins are loaded, no client side skins are allowed.
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    Linux Ready (Warmod/Public) Server by SLAYER [ClientMod]

    I think you should not force a person too much. He has already told that he will fix that.
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    Grenade Trails

    Can you please update this one???
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    Solved Level Rank Plugin Load Error : no debug string

    Nice Theory , Not applicable in Real Life. 1.10 introduced new method maps that this plugin uses. So there is no possible way to compile it on lower sourcemod version. Either you have to use substitute of all the new method maps by yourself or get latest sourcemod.
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    [EXTENSION] Hooker Extension For CSS v34 Windows Server

    First check resources yourself and then Publish. <FAILED> file "hooker.ext.dll": Could not find interface: IBinTools
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    Advanced Admin Chat

    XTreme killer updated Advanced Admin Chat with a new update entry: Fixed Bugs for CSS Steam Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Advanced Admin Chat - Fixed Bugs for CSS Steam

    +Fixed Bugs for CSS Steam as reported by Arslan.
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    Kigen's Anti-Cheat [KAC 1.2] For CSS v34

    Thanks for correcting it, I didn't notice about that. First of all, Source code is available on KAC's website. Secondly, If someone wants that sourcecode, he could get it easily with smx file also. Thirdly, Other anti-cheat plugin also show their source code. [e.g. SMAC] So, there is no...
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    Kigen's Anti-Cheat [KAC 1.2] For CSS v34

    I think you have to post source code also along with plugin. OR mention a link of source code.
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