Upcoming Giveaway

Which item do you want to be featured in the upcoming giveaway ?

  • Gaming Mouse

  • Gaming Keyboard

  • Earphone With Mic

  • Headphone With Mic

  • Pendrive

  • Any Paid Multiplayer Game

  • ClientMod Paid Membership for 6 Months

  • Graphics Card

  • Gaming Mouse + Gaming Keyboard Combo

  • Any Other (Comment the item name below)

Results are only viewable after voting.


New member
Graphic card GTX series ummmmmm . always my dream . but my parents will never get me . only my dream can come true if i win this giveaway. my dad cant afford a expensive graphic card :)


New member
Good news for you fine folks.
We have another giveaway coming soon.
Cast your vote for the next giveaway item.
Comment below with your own item name, if it is not listed in above vote list. People can react with like to your suggested item.
The most voted item will be picked up for next giveaway.

Note: Each item cost is upto 2000 INR. At least 50 votes are required to commence this giveaway.
Graphics card
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