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Transfer/Toss Weapons - Transfer your weapons to your teammates during freezetime.

This plugin allows players to transfer or toss weapons to other teammates during freezetime (similar to CS:GO's toss weapon functionality). You must aim your crosshair to your teammate to toss your weapon. Otherwise, weapon transfer will not work if your crosshair is not on your teammate. This plugin is useful for warmod servers, but can be used on any other server. This plugin works only during freezetime, but can be configured to work all the time using the cvar.

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Tested if for a bit with bots, works as intended. If a player you wanna toss weapon to has a primary or secondary already, the weapon you tossed will land at their feet. Works only during freezetime, it's nice that you made it so we don't have to manually set for how long it will work because multiple servers can have different freezetime duration. It's simple - freezetime on - plugin on - freezetime off - plugin off. Didn't have any errors.
Will update if everyting is fine after I will play with other people mix or something and report if needed about any problems.

Thanks :)
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