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☮ Welcome to this Thread ☮
Read this thread carefully!!

About :
In this thread you will learn about Client Side Weapon Configuration.
There are many commands that can work for you to reduce Recoil of the guns, but setting correct value and getting details about command may help you more.
The commands provided in this thread can be applied on any type of server (Local/Online) and it's really important to save your current configuration to retrieve your main/current configuration which will be overwritten if any commands are applied without saving.

Note :
This thread doesn't promote any Hacks or any Exploits that can damage the server. The command listed in this thread are not 100% working commands, hence the recoil rate may reduce or may not reduce, depends on the server configuration. Server will apply Recoil anyway in your weapons.
According to this post, we are not responsible for any kind of Bans.
No cfg or console command can make you PRO, Practise and be Unbeatable.

How to Open Console ?

Steps :
  • Open your Game.
  • Make sure you have enabled the Developer console.

  • Now, press ` key on your keyboard, pressent just below ESC key.
  • There you Go !

How to save/access/use Configurations ?

Save :
  • Open console.
  • Type host_writeconfig "yourcfgname", press enter. (For clientmod)
  • Type writecfg "Your_cool_cfg_name", press enter. (For Old)
    • For example: host_writeconfig God
  • This will save your cfg file.
Access :
  • Go to your game directory
  • Now go to cstrike/cfg
  • Found?
  • Good Job
Use :
  • In game console type exec yourcfgname
    • For example: exec God

Client commands :
  • These commands probally starts with prefix cl .
    Syntax : cl_arguments.
  • These commands reffers to the command which are used for improving client side configuration, it can be Map configuration, Video configuration, Mouse configuration, et cetera .
  • Before using any command make sure you save your configuration to retrieve your main or current Configuration.
There are two commands which can modify your gun animation (result Less recoil and Focused aim) :
These command can be used by ClientMod and Old users too.
cl_predictweapons 0 #Perform client side prediction of weapon effects.
cl_lagcompensation 1 #Perform server side lag compensation of weapon firing events.

Some Viemodels Command(ClientMod Only):
  • Viewmodel commands are use to change the vision of your player, weapon, et cetra.
e_viewmodel_recoil 0
# Wether to show the recoil of a model or not, again server will apply recoil on your weapon.
#Default value 1

e_bob_lower_amt 5 - 30
#This console command adjusts how much your gun barrel moves back towards you when you're running.
#use the value not lower than 5 and not higher than 30, higher the value more animation making it worse.
#Default value 21

e_bobamt_vert 0.1 - 2
#This command changes how much your viewmodel & gun barrel moves up and down when you're moving forward.
#Higher the value, more worse the movement.
#Default value 0.25

e_bobamt_lat 0.1 - 2
#This console command adjusts how much your viewmodel & gun barrel moves side to side when you're running.
#Default value 0.4

e_bobcycle 0.98
#Do not touch this.

Download the file attached to this thread and extract it in cstrike/cfg, all the commands are packed into that file.

☮Thats all for this thread☮
Happy Gaming !


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