Solved Jumping during freezetime


New member
Just as the title says - is there a command (CS:S v34 non clientmod) that allows just jumping during freezetime? It would help a lot when trying to drop a weapon to a teammate.


Staff member
There is no such command. It may be possible through server side with a sourcemod plugin.

There is one workaround to achieve this behavior, if you use Advanced Commands plugin. Set cvar mp_freezetime 0. And then execute command sm_freeze or !freeze.
Example: !freeze @all <number of seconds>

Then all the players will be frozen until given seconds, and all the other actions will be allowed: jumping, shooting etc. Keep in mind that round is already started, if you use !freeze command. So increase the round timer based on freeze command value.

If you don't want to use command everytime, then you will need a plugin to do this automatically.
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