How to earn Shop Credits ?


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There are multiple ways you can earn shop credits faster :

By Playing on Server

You receive credits just for playing,
  • 5 credits on every kill.
  • 5 credits for each round win.
  • 5 credits on every round start.
By Solving Math Quiz

A math question appears every 50-150 seconds in chat box. You must answer it within 15 seconds and also be the first to answer it. The player who answered first, gets credits between 5 to 250, depending on the difficulty of the question.
To answer the quiz, just type your answer in chat and press enter.
Example Question: 15+20 = ?
You must type only answer and not the question, in this case 35.

By Playing Games

This is fun way to earn credits. There are 3 types of games available on the server :

1. Stone/Rock Paper Scissors

This game can be played by typing !games command in chat. You have to select how much credits you want to invest and a player to play the game. The opponent will receive a invite notification. If he accepts, the game starts. In the game you have to select a choice between Stone, Paper or Scissor. See the above picture for simple win or lose rule. In case of win, you get Opponent's or yours invested credits + 10 % commission on those credits.

2. Coin Flip Game

This game can be played by typing !flip command in chat. In the menu you have to select how much credit you want to invest and also chose a player to play with and also chose a coin side (Head or Tail). The opponent will receive a invite notification. If he accepts, the game starts. After coin flip completed, the winner wins the credits and commission.

By Betting on Teams

You can bet shop credits on teams. Here are few points :
  • You can bet only 100-300 credits.
  • You have to bet within 15 seconds after a round starts. You cannot bet when you are dead or in spec.
  • You receive your credits * 1.6 credits when your betting team wins.
To start a bet, !bet command is used,
!bet t 100          // This will bet 100 shop credits on team Terrorists
!bet ct 200         // This will bet 200 shop credits on team Counter-Terrorists
!bet ct all         // This will bet 300 shop credits (because max allowed is 300) on team Counter-Terrorists
!bet t cancel       // This will cancel the bet you put on Terrorists Team.
!bet ct cancel      // This will cancel the bet you put on Counter-Terrorists Team.
By Being The Top Player of The Month

You receive free credits by being in the list of Top 10 players on Rank List at the end of each month.
1st Position = 100000 Credits
2nd Position = 95000 Credits
3rd Position = 90000 Credits
4th Position = 85000 Credits
5th Position = 80000 Credits
6th Position = 75000 Credits
7th Position = 70000 Credits
8th Position = 65000 Credits
9th Position = 60000 Credits
10th Position = 55000 Credits

Ask Your Friends or Sell Shop Items

You can transfer credits to a friend in need. Or also sell the items you don't want to use anymore.

Install ClientMod

If you have installed ClientMod for first time and played on our server. You are eligible to get 2,00,000 shop credits.
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