How To Do The FURIOUSSS aim Training in CS:Source! (Video Tutorial)


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NOTE: This will Only Work if you Have ClientMod (it works without ClientMod too but the bots won't respawn and the bullets will not be infinite)

Video VoiceOver is Done in Hindi

If you Don't Know Hindi then Follow These Steps!!!:

First Download the Map and Config:

extract the zip file
now paste the cstrike_download folder in the folder where u downloaded clientmod

after that, put the autoexec file in cstrike>cfg (put it in cfg folder which is inside the cstrike folder and the cstrike folder is inside the folder where u downloaded the game)

now open game and just load the map "css_aimbotz" or just type in console map css_aimbotz

now just for confirmation type exec autoexec in console after the map loads

then type furi in console
and thats it

if u want to know how to change weapon or how to use map or even how to add/remove bots then check the video its simple and it doesn't require voice over.


YouTube video and config:
made by me! :D

Sorry if I reply you late here cuz im not much active on this website

If you want to contact me:

my Discord --> !?DaRkOoL#4923
YT channel -->
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