Giveaway #4 - Details & Rules


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Please follow and play along with these rules for this giveaway. Registration is closed now. Event is running.

Event Name : RIS Summer Voice Giveaway Event
Event Duration : July 1, 12:00 AM - July 14, 11:59 PM
Sponsored By : @TwoB aka Erron Black
Event Prize : Daylfonos Collor Microphone*
We have selected best rated microphone with sponsored budget. Winner will have a choice to select a different microphone in similar price range.
559 560

Event Details :

In this event, for every hour you play on server you will get a ticket number (AFK and Spec not counted). And for every 100 kills you will get a ticket number.
For example, If you have played 10 hours and made 500 kills. Then you will receive 10 tickets for 10 hours and 5 tickets for 500 Kills. So total of, 15 tickets.
At the end of the event, we will select a random ticket number.
If you have ticket number that matches with that random number. Then you will be selected as a winner.
The more tickets you have, the more chances you get to win.
2nd and 3rd place winners will be selected by same method.

- 1st Place : Daylfonos Collor Microphone
- 2nd Place : Admin for 1 month.
- 3rd Place : 5,00,000 shop credits.
- The event results will streamed live on Youtube and will be posted on this website.
- The owner will contact event winner using the contact details provided in the giveaway form.
- The prize will be delivered directly to the address given by the winner.

Event Rules :

- Killing bots, being AFK or in spec will not award you any tickets.
- There will be separate rank system for registered players. Your points will be stored in that rank system.
- To see your rank, you can type !score in chat. Only registered players score/rank will be shown.
- To see top 5 players rank, you can type !leaderboard in chat.
- If you get banned for cheating or any other reason, you will be automatically disqualified.
- There will be no any admin on the server, except owners. Since admins cannot participate in the event, their admin access will be temporarily removed.

Note: If you have any question or query, you can reply to this post.
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