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Emoji 2022-03-25

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Emoji - CS:GO Emoji

A plugin for the cs:go server that allows players to express their emotions using emoticons (emoji) that appear above the character's head. An example can be seen in the video.

Now there are 4 emojis in the pack, but if you wish, you can add any of your own, following the example of those that already exist.

Scatter files into folders (.smx in addons/sourcemod/plugins, .cfg in configs, etc.)
Add .vtf and .vmt files to your server and to...
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I would greatly appreciate if you did this for v34 mens. Fun plugin that doesnt necessarily change much in gameplay.

@Vertigo Tried it, it doesn't even recognise commands.
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That is because the plugin has CS:GO specific code for displaying colorful chat messages. I have removed those.

If you use FastDL, Make sure to upload materials files in .bz2 format to your FastDL web server.
The plugin has only 3 emojis. If you need more emojis, you will have to make more emoji materials files in vtf/vmt format.
Thanks for the beer :D🍺.


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Damn, thanks! It works now.
But it looks like i can't upload anything else than the plugin already has. I tried setting up blushing face (, saved the .png file and used this site ( to convert it to vmt/vtf. I used 64x64 format just as the originals are, tried all texture formats, put it in materials folder and then added it up in sourcemod/configs/kento_emoji. Yet every time when it downloaded the files while joining the server, on the server it was just black/ping square. I made sure everything was correct, there were no typo's and deleted downloaded files in my source/materials/kento_emoji folder every time i changed texture format so the client would download the new files. Still black/purple square.


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That VTF/VMT created from website won't work.
You need to create format supported by game engine. Follow this tutorial :
Create an overlay. Overlay for the [OS] Overlay System
This tutorial is about how to create overlay VTF/VMT. It should also work for PNG emojis.
Analyze exiting emoji VTF/VMT and follow the tutorial to make more emojis.
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