Solved About deathmatch server maps...


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Please remove small maps because it is frustrating to play a small map, you just spawn and get killed or limit map time to 20 mins max because no one use rtv on dm server. and please do something about server lag, when player count reaches 15+ server starts lagging. and please remove de_contra, de_dust and ka_trains they are trash if want put tuscan, train(csgo), pinarsi, or cbble.


Staff member
Thank you for the feedback !!

Small maps time will be reduced to 30 minutes. I will remove awp_lego_* maps because they are wide open and nowhere to hide.

About lag, I am well aware. This is the problem of current Host or VPS where server is running. I am planning on moving the server to new VPS. Same VPS and location as RIS Public Server. Then lag problem will be solved.

About maps, they are added/removed based on player's request on RIS Discord Server, Whatsapp Group or The Website. You may not like it, because your perspective is different. I will add the maps which you have requested. Removal of maps will be done if I hear more players saying it. I cannot take one player review and perform some action. Everyone has different taste, and it is impossible to please everyone.

Apart from server lag fixing, other things will be done today. Moving the server may take 1-2 weeks.
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