1. X

    Solved Scripting Help: Hud message

    public void OnPluginStart() { RegConsoleCmd("sm_hud", Hud, "Hud check"); } public Action Hud(client, args) { for(new i = 1; i <= MaxClients; i++) { SetHudTextParams(0.37, -0.60, 1.0, 255, 0, 0, 200, 1); ShowHudText(i, 3, "MVP :"); SetHudTextParams(0.55...
  2. E

    Solved Scripting Help Clientmod_bypassV1

    hi i want block clientmod bypass with this plugin but me cant read client console thats my new String:command_check[128]; public OnPluginStart() { FormatEx(command_check, sizeof(command_check), "setinfo e_c4_timer 1"); HookUserMessage(GetUserMessageId("TextMsg"), MessageHandler, true)...
  3. X

    Solved Scripting Help [Warmod Pause] : How to freeze players ?

    THANKS Can someone help me why i am not able to run this plugin???? @Vertigo
  4. X

    Solved How to freeze player movement ?

    SetEntPropFloat(client, Prop_Data, "m_flLaggedMovementValue", 0.0); I want to freeze player movement not his aim. Any alternative for this code??? @Vertigo
  5. X

    Solved Sourcepawn Timers - Where am I wrong???

    public OnClientPutInServer(int client) { CreateTimer(5.0, Cheat_check, _,TIMER_REPEAT); } public Action Cheat_check (Handle:timer, int client, int args) { QueryClientConVar(client, "sv_cheats", GetClientVarCheats); QueryClientConVar(client, "r_drawothermodels", GetClientVarWalls)...
  6. kushal

    Solved How to get Max Players Count Sourcemod Stock?

    Need to Get weather Server is full or not
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