1. X

    Solved Server Stop and map change again and again

    @Vertigo I have removed next map plugin , rtv plugin , nominate plugin & still map changes why?
  2. Vertigo

    Fun Maps

    Map Name Download LinkScreenshots 35hp_2_csgo Download View 35hp_3_2011 Download None fun_allinone_css_v2 Download View glass_war Download View ka_soccer_2006_v3 Download View ka_trains Download View knife_qube Download View lego_$5000$ Download View mg_smee_tower Download View...
  3. Vertigo

    Fight Yard Maps

    fy_buzzkill_css Download fy_circus Download fy_iceworld_l33t Download fy_iceworld_orig Download fy_iceworld_real Download fy_italian_house Download fy_pool_day Download fy_poolday_reunion_lite Download fy_poolparty_v2 Download fy_simpsons Download fy_snow Download fy_twotowers Download
  4. Vertigo

    Hostage Rescue Maps

    cs_assault Download cs_assault_tactik Download cs_compound Download cs_havana Download cs_italy Download cs_militia Download cs_office Download cs_office_extended Download cs_retreat Download
  5. Vertigo

    Aim Maps

    aim_16rooms Download aim_57_p228 Download aim_ag_texture_city_advanced Download aim_ag_texture_city_summer_v1 Download aim_ag_texture_funkytown Download aim_ak Download aim_ak-colt Download aim_cratarea Download aim_deagle_ultra Download aim_deagle7k Download aim_deagle7k_lego Download...
  6. Vertigo

    Practice or Training Maps

    $000$ Download $2000$ Download $2000$_csgo Download $2000$_degraded Download $2000$_euro Download $2000$_space_fix Download $2000$_tides Download $2010$ Download $2010$_night Download $2018$_final Download $3000$ Download $10000$ Download 1on1 Download 1v1dust Download 3mc_training Download...
  7. Mistifye

    Aim Cratarea By Mistifye

    Hey Here is another map which is based on the memories for aim redline as well its a bit modified , Because I was making it... The map is based on indoor area where some crates were save and so likely a room specially for the people who can't aim and will go brrrrrrraa (p90) , I mean a buy...
  8. Ayat

    awp_bs map by Ayat

    Map Name : awp_bs Created By : Ayat Design & Edited By : @Vertigo Sir :D This map has 3 side maze, stairs, and steel. If you fall out from the map you will die. The maze is the most fun part and if you know bhop you can do some trikz. The stairs and steel is in left and right depending on...
  9. Ayat

    ak_wood map by Ayat

    Map Name : ak_wood Created By : Ayat Design & Edited By : @Vertigo Sir 😀 Hope you guys like my new map. It is an aim map with only weapon AK47 and Knife. Map is fully made by wood so it is wallbangable.
  10. Mistifye

    New Map "AWP_UnderwayR"

    Hi today im here with a map Its one and lonely almighty AWP map with capability of 34 players at once ,based on old abandoned areas, created by me Mistifye OFC... This .ZIP file contains these... .BSP and .NAV file of provided map (awp_underwayR) some text documents for no reason... maybe for...
  11. Mistifye

    Solved How we can share our own maps

    I am a map creator as you know just wanna ask if i have some maps ‘.bsp’ file can i upload them in the map section thread which is just available? else what will be the procedure ? Thanks Mist Out~
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