1. HosseinKia

    Anti Reconnect Flood 2021-08-01

    Reconnect Flood Fix Note that: Plugin with addip blocks the IP player. and use command plugin for delay unban The new version is being tested. Gif (On Hlmod) Req: SourceMod 1.8+ ConVar: sm_delay_connect <Time>
  2. HosseinKia

    DoS Protect [Linux] (New Version)

    New Version Dos Protect. (Old Version: Link) Command: dosp_status - Show the status of the Attack and IP address of any blocked attackers dosp_enable <0/1> - 1 = Enable DoS Protect (default), 0 = Disable DoS Protect dosp_version - Show this plugin version
  3. Make It Real 786

    Fixed Counter-Strike:Source [Clientmod] Weird hud font glitch FIX By make it real 786 : )

    If some is having same fonts problem like shown below.. here's how to fix it Download the zip file i given, inside zip file you will find resource folder Now extract resources folder here CS:CM location in side cstrike folder Now Replace the files and you are done! Thank me later *>_<*
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