1. X

    Solved Plugin codes needed? My base plugin that i am going to use is the above one. I am making a plugin such that whenever someone ddos a server, any client in server can type !ddos and then the plugin automatically detects the...
  2. Vertigo

    DoS Protect for CSSv34 Linux Server v1.0.0.0

    DoS Protect also known as SRCDS Denial of Service Protection is a metamod plugin. It fixes an issue in srcds (Source Engine: Dedicated Server) which could allow the attacker to lag the server like hell. Keep in mind that this plugin doesn't protect your server against other method of DoS attacks...
  3. X

    DoS Protect for CSSv34 Windows Server

    XTreme killer submitted a new resource: DDOS Protection - DOS PROTECT Read more about this resource...
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