1. M

    Solved Why Mafia Ban me from TG??

    Mafia ban me from TG without reason when i open the ban list its showing he ban me for aimbot . But , im not using any aimbot he ban me without any proof and evidence please unban me from republic indian server im mean RIS . I dont do anything wrong if he can proof i have aimbot then you can ban...
  2. Ayat

    Solved Any Ban Rules?

    Hackers are not getting ban. Instead of them the person who is calling them hacker is getting ban. Old players can check TV but new players cant check TV of an old player. They laugh on them when they want TV. Most of the people think they hack but nobody can't check because of their power or...
  3. Vertigo

    Bad Name Kick/Ban [Name Checker] v1.0.0

    This plugin prevents players to use reserved or offensive names. You can set it to either kick or ban them for certain amount of time for using not allowed name. Features : Sourcebans Support Admin immunity to flag "b" Kick or ban player with not allowed name Requirements : Sourcemod v1.8...
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