1. bornforgaming3201

    Aim_botz Map for Aim Practice

    You want to make your aim perfect. Download this Map. This is my first MAP maybe you find some bugs XD Credits : SLAYER
  2. Vertigo

    Aim Maps

    aim_16rooms Download aim_57_p228 Download aim_ag_texture_city_advanced Download aim_ag_texture_city_summer_v1 Download aim_ag_texture_funkytown Download aim_ak Download aim_ak-colt Download aim_cratarea Download aim_deagle_ultra Download aim_deagle7k Download aim_deagle7k_lego Download...
  3. Ayat

    ak_wood map by Ayat

    Map Name : ak_wood Created By : Ayat Design & Edited By : @Vertigo Sir 😀 Hope you guys like my new map. It is an aim map with only weapon AK47 and Knife. Map is fully made by wood so it is wallbangable.
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