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  1. Mistifye

    Solved How to change Account Email in here RiSForums

  2. Mistifye

    Solved How to change Account Email in here RiSForums

    Hi, this old noob want to change his account's email back to new one as i've lost my old one pls lmk how to?
  3. Mistifye


  4. Mistifye

    Aim Cratarea By Mistifye

    Hey Here is another map which is based on the memories for aim redline as well its a bit modified , Because I was making it... The map is based on indoor area where some crates were save and so likely a room specially for the people who can't aim and will go brrrrrrraa (p90) , I mean a buy...
  5. Mistifye

    Solved Why Scripters?

    But people are using Scripts like AHK I may report them!
  6. Mistifye

    Solved Why Scripters?

    Hi, I have seen many people in the server using madafakin scripts... Have you allowed Bhop scripting in the server ? Cuze its actually kinda “HACK” :cautious:
  7. Mistifye

    CSSv34 ClientMod v3.0 Beta is Released!

    When will they release it publicly? I mean when v3 Beta will over?
  8. Mistifye

    AWP Maps

    My underwear is missing ? btw I think u should vote whether to keep that map in server or not ... cuze its not getting good response I think ?...
  9. Mistifye

    Add your favourite skin (video)

    Here is my video go watch it if you still don’t know how to add skin in game... Make sure to like and subs shall help me way more ! :D
  10. Mistifye

    ClientMod How to use or apply player or weapon skins ?

    Do it requires any extra txt or any other file to show its dir ? + will it work in servers ?(Hope would not get banned)
  11. Mistifye

    New Map "AWP_UnderwayR"

    Can’t wait for it And so you are right.. Once let it release then see I will post many maps and you have to take time choosing one from some ... ;P
  12. Mistifye

    New Map "AWP_UnderwayR"

    LoL I think it is but it's not... I'm Currently making an aim map which ofc takes a bit long as it will be way good this one is sheet just tooked 2 hours to finish but sadly v34 and v84 map changes sucks.. :|
  13. Mistifye

    New Map "AWP_UnderwayR"

    Final version is here... Just removed the sun entity / replaced it by old version one's.
  14. Mistifye

    New Map "AWP_UnderwayR"

    I did tried to fix it in a weird way idk how I did but now it worked for me way good without some lightening issues , I hope it is fixed ... here is the .bsp file make sure to test it out ASAP . Thanks you..
  15. Mistifye

    New Map "AWP_UnderwayR"

    oaky bro i know what's the problem i'll fix it soon sorry for the late reply tho...
  16. Mistifye

    New Map "AWP_UnderwayR"

    Hi today im here with a map Its one and lonely almighty AWP map with capability of 34 players at once ,based on old abandoned areas, created by me Mistifye OFC... This .ZIP file contains these... .BSP and .NAV file of provided map (awp_underwayR) some text documents for no reason... maybe for...
  17. Mistifye

    Solved How we can share our own maps

    Okay mate Thanks for the information.
  18. Mistifye

    Solved How we can share our own maps

    I am a map creator as you know just wanna ask if i have some maps ‘.bsp’ file can i upload them in the map section thread which is just available? else what will be the procedure ? Thanks Mist Out~
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