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    Some stuff for small server

    Hi. Is there a command for cs:s (v34) that lets a round start faster after whole enemy team is dead or bomb exploded? The equivalent in cs:go is mp_round_start_delay but it doesn't exist in v34. Does anybody have a plugin that changes bot_quota dynamically, depending on players joined? Let's...
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    Solved Jumping during freezetime

    Hi. Just as the title says - is there a command (CS:S v34 non clientmod) that allows just jumping during freezetime? It would help a lot when trying to drop a weapon to a teammate.
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    Solved Objects do 0 damage

    Hi. I have a bit of a problem on my small, private 10 slotted server. Mostly me and people I know, we play mixes (mixmod) but from time to time we like to have some fun on minigames map and other similar maps/modes. The problem is.. objects do 0 damage. On mg_smash_cannonsz projectiles do 0...
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