zBlock For CSSv34 Linux Server

zBlock For CSSv34 Linux Server v4.40

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zBlock is a server security plugins which provides many features to the server and enhances the server security against cheaters.


Features :
  • Protection against materials wallhack with sv_pure
  • Protection against scripts for bhop etc
  • Protection against Denial of Service attacks (DoS)
  • Warmod Features
  • Door fix for High Tickrate Servers
  • Crouch Fix
  • Enable/Disable bunnyhopping
Installation :
  • Download the zip file attached to this post.
  • Extract the content of the zip file and put it into cstrike folder of your server.
  • Restart your server.
  • Type plugin_print in server console to check if the plugin is loaded or not.
Configuration :

For Warmod Servers :

Add the following line into cstrike/cfg/war.cfg file :
Note: Make sure war.cfg is executed while war is running.
exec zblock.cfg

For Normal Servers :

Add the following line into cstrike/cfg/server.cfg file :
exec zblock.cfg

Note :

zBlock will immediately change map if one of the following things are modified :
  • zb_active 0 to 1
  • sv_cheats 0 to 1
  • sv_pure
  • sv_consistency
Client Cosnole Commands :
zb_status                -             Shows important zBlock server settings.
zb_netinfo               -             Shows clientside netsettings (rates, interpolation, prediction, lag compensation).
zb_version               -             Shows version of zBlock currently installed on server.
zb_help                  -             Shows information about available zBlock commands.
zb_readylist             -             Shows ready and not ready players if server is running warmod plugin.
zb_players               -             Shows list of players authenticated with the configured auth-host.
zb_warnings              -             Shows information about vulnerable server configuration settings.
zb_teamcash              -             Shows information about team money if server is running warmod plugin.
Server Cosnole Commands :
zb_lo3                   -             Executes the config file defined in cvar "zb_matchconfig".
zb_ko3                   -             Restarts the round 3 times and start a knife round.
zb_readyup               -             Start or stop warmod readyup system.
zb_players               -             Shows list of players authenticated with the configured auth-host.
zb_update                -             Manually check if an update for the plugin is available.
Server CVARs :
// Enable/Disable zblock
// Note: 0 - Disable, 1 - Enabled
// Default : "1"
zb_active "1"

// Enable/Disable zblock status (Triggers everytime when a client connects to server)
// Note: 0 - Disable, 1 - Enabled, >1 = Enabled and show ID
// Default : ">1"
zb_status "1"

// Config file to execute when Warmod Live on 3 (lo3 - on_match_lo3.cfg) is executed
// This CVAR is used only when Server is running Warmod plugin
// Default: ""
zb_matchconfig ""

// The minimum number of players required to be ready to initiate Live on 3 war match
// This CVAR is used only when Server is running Warmod plugin
// Default: "10"
zb_readyup_max "10"

// Starting money during the warmod
// This CVAR is used only when Server is running Warmod plugin
// Note : This cvar prevents players from regaining full money by using "retry" in the second round of overtime
// Default: "800"
zb_startmoney "800"

// Configures the auth-host to use with zBlock
// Changing this setting will re-authenticate all existing players in the server and continue to authenticate new players who join
// Leave this empty for v34 server
// Default: ""
zb_authhost ""

// Enable/Disable zBlock plugin auto-updating
// Note: Updates can be downloaded manually using the server command "zb_update"
// Note: Automatic updates are never downloaded whilst players are connected to the server
// Disable auto update for v34 server
// Default: "1"
zb_autoupdate "0"

// Enable/Disable Team money calling with "zb_teamcash"
// Default: "1"
zb_allowcashcalling "1"

// Enable/Disable the zBlock door fix for high tickrate servers
// Note: Please remove any map fix files you were previously using if running your server with this enabled
// Setting the value to 1 will lock phys_timescale to 1.0
// Default: "1"
zb_doorfix "1"

// Enable/Disable Denial-Of-Service protection from a recently released server attack program
// Default: "1"
zb_dosprotect "1"

// Enable/Disable the fix for the crouch-bug issue
// Note: 0 = Default crouching behaviour, 1 = Crouch-Fix enabled
// Default: "1"
zb_crouchfix "1"

// Enable/Disable the bunny-hop fix
// Note: 0 = Default bunny-hopping behaviour, 1 = Disable bunny-hopping
// Default: "1"
zb_bunnyfix "1"

About sv_pure :
  • zBlock 4 will only allow sv_pure values 1 or 2 while the plugin is active and will automatically change the map (issuing a kick message to all connected clients) whenever its value is changed. This is done to allow the new value to take effect correctly.
  • sv_consistency is forced to 1 while running zBlock.
Note: For best performance use zBlock with sv_pure 2.

Credits :
  • TheUnknownFactor
  • J3Di
  • Trepje
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