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Plugin-Module VIP Keys 1.0.2 2022-03-25

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Supported Games
CS: Source (v34), CS: Source (Steam/Orange Box), CS: GO
Allows you to create activation keys, and players, in turn, can activate them and receive VIP status.

- Instruction:
Specify the term and lifetime of the keys in the units specified in sm_vip_time_mode.

vip_del_key <key name> - Delete key.

vip_remove_key <key name> - Remove a key.

vip_clear_keys - Delete all keys.

vip_del_all_keys - Delete all keys.

vip_keys_list - Prints a list of all keys to the console.

vip_keys_dump - Dumps a list of all keys to the file addons/sourcemod/data/vip/vip_keys_dump.txt Plugin

- settings:

vip_key_length "32" - Generated key length (8-64).

Register in any config.

vip_attempts_enter_key "3" - The number of attempts to enter the key before getting a lock (0 - Disabled).

vip_block_time"- For how many minutes the player will be blocked when entering incorrect keys (0 - Disabled).

The config is generated automatically /cfg/vip/vip_keys.cfg

>> In order to switch to MySQL in databases.cfg, write:

"driver" "mysql"
"host" "ip" // server ip where your mysql is located
"database" "vip_keys" // database name
"user" "root" // database user name "pass"
"pass" // password for this user

- Commands:

>> For players:

vip_key <key> - Activate the key.

vipkey <key> - Activate the key.

Also available in chat via ! or /.

>> For admins (flag z):

vip_add_key <key name> <group> <term> [key lifetime] - Creates a key.

vip_gen_keys <number (1-100)> <group> <term> [key lifetime] - Generates the specified number of keys.
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