Show damage (Multi methods)

Show damage (Multi methods) 2022-03-25

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Supported Games
CS: Source (v34), CS: Source (Steam/Orange Box), CS: GO
simple show damage plugin allow you to select show damage in hint message, HUD or particle like Fortnite

Cvars :
sm_show_damage_enable : "0" to disable plugin - "1" to enable
sm_show_damage_type : "0" show damage in hint message - "1" show damage in HUD message - "2" Show damage in particle like Fortnite FOR CSGO ONLY
sm_show_damage_mode : "0" show damage only - "1" show damage and remaining victim health
sm_show_damage_hit_distance : Distance between victim player and damage numbers (NOTE: Make that value lower to prevent numbers show up through the walls)

credits :
"Maxximou5" hint message from his deathmatch plugin
"butare" show damage in particle like Fortnite
"Gray83" for optimize plugin
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