Pickup Weapon (Using E Key)

Pickup Weapon (Using E Key) v1.5

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Update Notes:
  • Fixed errors spam.
  • Added ability to filter restricted/prohibited weapon if the server is running Weapon Restrict plugin. Players can't pickup weapon by pressing E if the weapon is restricted.
Installation Details:
  • Download the latest plugin zip file.
  • Overwrite the existing plugin files in your server.
  • Restart the server or change the map.
Bug Details :
Update Notes :
  • Fix provided Here.
Installation Notes :
  • Download the file Pickup_Weapon_v1.3.zip attached to the post.
  • Reinstall the plugin.
Bug Details :
  • Bug : After weapon pickup, the reserved ammo was getting set to 0 for the newly picked up weapon.
  • Reported By : @TheNomUser
Update Notes :
  • Bug Fixes.
Installation Notes :
  • Download the file Pickup_Weapon_v1.2.zip attached to the post.
  • Reinstall the plugin.
Update Notes :
  • Added weapon filter. You can now configure certain weapons in file cstrike/addons/sourcemod/configs/filtered_weapons.cfg, which can not be picked up by pressing E. For example : grenades, c4 etc. The functionality is now same as CS:GO where it is allowed to only pickup Slot 1 and Slot 2 weapons. However you can configure any weapon in the config file.
  • Fixed bug related to Beacon.
  • Made pickup radius and pickup distance "128" units. Which is similar to CS:GO
  • Added new CVAR "sm_pw_filter_weapon". The weapon filter functionality will only work if this cvar is set to 1.
Installation Notes :
  • Delete old plugin files including cfg file.
  • Download the file Pickup_Weapon_v1.1.zip attached to the post.
  • Reinstall the plugin.
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