Metamod:Source For CSS v34 Windows Server

Metamod:Source For CSS v34 Windows Server v1.10.7-dev

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Metamod:Source is a C++ plugin environment which sits between the game and the engine. It helps game server plugins like sourcemod plugins to communicate to the engine and modify the server behaviour.

How To Install

- Download metamod from the given link.
- Extract the content of zip file into cstrike folder of your server.
- Restart the server.
- Type meta in server console to check if it is installed.

Metamod Commands

meta alias                   - List or set an alias
meta clear                   - Unload all plugins forcefully
meta cmds                    - Show plugin commands
meta cvars                   - Show plugin cvars
meta credits                 - Shows information about Metamod:Source
meta force_unload            - Forcefully unload a plugin
meta game                    - Shows information about game.dll
meta info                    - Shows information of a plugin
meta list                    - Show a list of metamod plugins
meta load                    - Loads a specified plugin
meta pause                   - Pause a running plugin
meta refresh                 - Refresh specified plugin files
meta retry                   - Attempt to reload specified plugin
meta unload                  - Unload an already loaded plugin
meta unpause                 - Unpause an already paused plugin
meta version                 - Shows metamod version information
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