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Linux Ready (Warmod/Public) Server by SLAYER [ClientMod] 2021-01-24

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Linux Ready (Warmod/Public) Server by SLAYER [ClientMod]

Description :

Linux ready Warmod/Public Server with lots of plugins.

Plugins List :
sourcemod 1.10
metamod 1.10
DAF : Anti DOS
Stripper : For HD Sky
Deathmatch CFG
Only Headshot CFG
Only Noscope CFG
Abner Namelog : Name Change History of client
Admin Connect : Announcement on Admin Connect
Admin_list : Show Admins Online on server by typing !admins
Admin Manager : Add Admins or remove Admins
Advanced C4 Timer : C4 Timer Sounds
Advcommands : More Commands for Admins For Fun
Ban Disconnected : Ban Player which disconnected from server
Connect Announce : Show player information on connect or disconnect
ClientMod : Support Clientmod Users
Advertisements : Show Advertisements in Chat with More Colors
Death Notice : Show CSGO style kill info like assist, Noscope etc
Warmod : Competitive Mod like CSGO
Command Shortcut : Short Commands to Change Map,etc like !m dd2 to change map to de_dust2
Console Welcome : Show massage in console on player connect
Anti Team Flash : No Team Flash
Delay Round End : Delay Round End Useful for Round End Sound
Dissolve : Remove Player Body When he die with effects
Enter Sounds : Play Sound on Connect
Game Description Override : Change Game Name of Server
Level Ranks : Ranking System with levels
No Block : No team Block
Quake Sounds : Play Sounds When Player Killed
Quick Join : Change team by typing !ct !t !sp
Revival : Revive Dead Player
Round End Most Kills : Show Info of MVP Player How Many he kills Players
Say Sound : Play Sound by typing the sound name in Chat like : wtf, yes, no, etc
Show Damage : Show the Damage given to Player
SLAYER RES : Play Sound at the End of Round
SLAYER Save Reset Score : Reset player scores and also saves them when player disconnect
Default Text Replacer : Replace Text of Server to your own text with more colors
IGN : Show Player Steam id, IP and Perivous Name
Parachute : Player Can use parachute by pressing Use Button (E)
SMAC : Anti Cheat Ban Player Whos Cheating on server
Stop Music : Stop Server Music by typing !ms or !stfu or pressing (I) key from Keyboard
Team Flash Announce : Give Info Player whos Team Flash with More Colors
Warmod Commands : Short Commands for Warmod Like : !ft 0, !tt wr, etc
War Scores : Show War Current Scores of Teams in Hint Message
Weapon Restrict : Restrict Weapons or Unrestrict Weapons
Weapon Fight : Fight with Weapons 1 vs 1 like Knife Fight

Configurations :
Become Admin :
Go to yourserver/cstrike/addons/sourcemod/configs/ folder and open admins_simple.ini file with notepad.
2. Than Enter your STEAM ID and password like this :

"STEAM_0:0:123456789"              "99:z"         "slayer"
        |                            |                |
    Your Steam id                Permissions        Password
Change Round End Sounds :
Go to yourserver/cstrike/addons/sourcemod/configs/ folder and open SLAYER_RES.txt file
2. Than Enter Your Sound Name like this :
"1.mp3" <-- Song File Name
    "songname" " Anixto - Snakeskin" <--- Song Name Which Show in Chat When its Play
3. And also Config yourserver/cstrike/cfg/sourcemod/SLAYER_RES.cfg

Installation :
Download the file from the link below.
2. Delete pervious files and Extract all the files to yourserver/cstrike Folder.
3. Restart Server and Enjoy :)

Download :
Linux Server by Slayer with Plugins

Youtube :
League of Gamers
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Last update
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