Headshot Only

Headshot Only v1.0.2

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Supported Games
CS: Source (v34), CS: Source (Steam/Orange Box), CS: GO
This plugin prevents damage on body and enemy can only be killed with a headshot. This plugin uses built in sounds for headshot effects and also allows you to use your own sound to indicate headshot.

Note: In CS:S there is a bug. You will still see body damage. You will lose one armor HP per body shot. But kill can only be made using headshot.

Requirements :
  • Sourcemod v1.8 or Higher
Installation :
  • Download HeadshotOnly_v1.0.2.zip file from this post.
  • Extract the contents of zip file and put it into cstrike folder of your server.
  • Restart the server or change the map.
Configuration :

To enable/disable this plugin using admin menu. Follow this Tutorial.



// Enable/disable this plugin. (0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled)
// -
// Default: "1"
// Minimum: "0.000000"
// Maximum: "1.000000"
sm_headshotonly_enabled "1"

// Sound files to indicate headshots separated by comma. Leave blank for default sounds. (Maximum: 5 sounds)
// Example:headshotonly/headshot1.wav,headshotonly/headshot2.wav
// -
// Default: ""
sm_headshotonly_sounds ""

// Emit sounds from victim to all players.  0 = Emit sound from victim only to attacker.
// -
// Default: "0"
// Minimum: "0.000000"
// Maximum: "1.000000"
sm_headshotonly_useambient "0"
Credits :
  • XARiUS
  • Like
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed Bugs

    Update Notes : Fixed sound not playing bug New syntax Fixed error: Client index 0 is invalid...

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great work, with funny Headshot sounds.
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