[ClientMod] Allow Old

Plugin-Module [ClientMod] Allow Old v1.2

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Update Notes:
  • Added a new CVAR sm_clientmod_aw_admin_flags for admin immunity check.
  • Added a config file to whitelist SteamIDs configs/clientmod/allow_old_whitelist.cfg
  • Removed sound file. Now the sound is played from the game itself.
  • Added admin command !reload_allow_old_config. This command reloads the config file manually if a new steam id has been added to the whitelist.
Installation Details:
  • Download and extract updated zip.
  • Replace the old files of plugin already installed in server.
  • Restart the server or change the map.
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Update Notes:

Fixed this bug.
The cfg file path is changed to cstrike/cfg/sourcemod/clientmod/ClientMod_AllowOld.cfg
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