Admin Chat

Admin Chat v3.6

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Update Notes :
  • Fixed : When ClientMod users type message, for old clients no colors appears.
  • Fixed : Duplicate messages.
  • Added 3 new CVARs. (More details is provided in the main post)
Installation Note :
  • Download plugin zip file from main post.
  • Delete old cfg file, if any.
  • Extract the content of the zip file into cstrike folder of your server.
Update Notes :
  • Added support for ClientMod + Old CSSv34 + Steam CSS.
  • Added client preference support for !tag or !prefix command.
Installation Notes :
  • Download plugin zip file from main post.
  • Extract the content of zip file to cstrike folder of your server.
  • Restart server.
  • Added command !tag or !prefix to enable/disable admin chat prefix and colors.
  • Fixed ! command trigger bugs.
  • Provided support for both ClientMod and Non-ClientMod servers.
  • Color customization can be done without modifying/compiling the source (.sp) file.
  • Added support for basecomms. If admin is gagged then chat won't show up.
  • Added configuration file to modify cvars (cstrike/cfg/sourcemod/adminchat.cfg)
  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Ported to new syntax.
Note : Delete all adminchat previous files before installing this version.
New Features :
  • Now name color and text color support added.
  • You can change name, prefix and chat colors to your desired colors.
Bug Fixes :
  • Fixed bug - spec team chat is visible to all.
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